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Quick Start

Step 0: Acquiring MICRESS

MICRESS® is a commercial software and can be acquired by contacting by email. The MICRESS group will provide information about pricing and software download details.

Results of the MICRESS examples and the freely available viewer DP_MICRESS can be downloaded from

Step 1: Install MICRESS

Follow the installation instructions.

Step 2: Start MICpad

Use the MICpad shortcut on your desktop or run MICpad.exe (Windows), resp. (Linux), to start MICpad.

Step 3: Load Example Simulation

  • Select File→Open in the navigation menu to open the file browser.
  • Navigate to the Examples directory located in the MICRESS installation directory.
  • Open T10_01_GrainGrowth_2D.dri located in Examples/Training.


Step 4: Save Input File to Home Directory

  • Select File→Save as in the navigation menu.
  • Browse to your Home directory and create an new folder MICRESS_QuickStart.
  • Open MICRESS_QuickStart, enter MyGrainGrowth as filename and hit Save.


Step 5: Start Simulation

Select Simulation→Start in the navigation menu.

If done correctly, you should now see the MICRESS console output being printed to a window next to the driving file in MICpad.