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MICRESS is the main application for running microstructure simulations via command-line.

MICpad is a graphical user interface providing tools to configure, start and monitor simulations.

DP_MICRESS is a post-processing interface for plotting or exporting MICRESS output data into various formats.

Installation Directory

The default installation directory is C:\Program Files\MICRESS-7.000 on Windows and /opt/MICRESS-7.000 on Linux. An alternative location may be set during the installation.

├── Bin                              
│   ├── DP_MICRESS.exe
│   ├── MICpad.exe
│   ├── MICRESS_TQ.exe
│   ├── MICRESS_noTQ.exe
│   ├── MICRESS_par_TQ.exe
│   ├── MICRESS_par_noTQ.exe
│   └── ...
├── Examples
│   ├── Application
│   ├── Benchmark
│   └── Training
├── Manuals
├── Tools
└── ...
  • Bin contains the actual software applications. Notice that the MICRESS application comes with different builds. This directory also include appropriate starter scripts (.bat, .sh) which set up the required run environment, esp. under Linux.
  • Examples contains pre-configured simulations for numerous use cases. The directory will include only the input data. Simulation results can be downloaded from the download section of for examples of interest, individually.
  • Manuals contains additional material completing the online documentation.
  • Tools contains auxiliary scripts for pre- and post-processing.


MICRESS provides multiple builds enabling/disabling certain third-party software support.

Executable Thermo-Calc
MICRESS_noTQ.exe - -
MICRESS_par_noTQ.exe -

Notice that the Thermo-Calc interface will not work unless you aquire a corresponding license.